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Welcome to the GENI Wiki

This is a GENI working group wiki. Please contribute!

If you are subscribed to the GENI announcement list (, a wiki account should have been created for you. The username is your e-mail address, and the password is your Mailman list password for geni-announce. You may login to any working group's wiki, but your account will only allow you to edit a wiki if you are a member of that working group.

The full list of wikis can be found at ‚Äč Note that you must login to each wiki separately, but your browser will probably submit your credentials automatically. (So clicking the Login button should suffice to log you into to any other wiki once you have authenticated to this one.)

For help with the Trac wiki software, TracGuide is a good place to start.

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.