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Welcome to the GENI Wiki

This is the GENI Wiki, a living repository for information relating to the GENI design and GENI Project Office (GPO)-led design process.

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Finding Information on this Wiki

The graphic below shows major GENI constituencies. For information on these constituencies, click on the appropriate section of the graphic.

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GENI Resource Map

Live map showing ProtoGENI and PlanetLab resources, obtained by the ProtoGENIFlashClient. The ProtoGENIFlashClient is a graphical tool for setting up and running GENI experiments.


GENI Engineering Conferences. The GEC is the GPO's regular open working meeting where researchers, developers, industrial & international partners and the GPO meet to advance infrastructure planning and prototyping for the GENI project. Further, the GEC focuses on how to design and build a suite of infrastructure that can best inspire and support creative research. The conference is open to all. The dates and locations below should be considered mostly firm until registration opens.

GEC13 March 13-15, 2012 UCLA, Los Angeles, CA agenda
GEC14 July 10-12, 2012 Boston, MA TBA
GEC15 November, 2012 IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN dates TBD

Past GEC and Other Meetings

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