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WiMAX Meso-Scale Deployment Integration

1. Projects

(campus deployment projects)
WIMAX Design and Prototype
ORBIT Design and Prototype

2. Meetings and Demos

[ "WiMAX Base Station Demo at GEC 6, November 17, 2009"]

3. References and Documents

GENI WiMAX Project: System Engineering Summary
API Specification for Virtualized WiMAX Basestation
D. Raychaudhuri and Editors M. Gerla, “New architectures and disruptive technologies for the future internet: The wireless, mobile and sensor network perspective” Report of NSF Wireless Mobile Planning Group (WMPG) Workshop, August 2005
Open Base Station Architecture Initiative
“Android: An Open Handset Alliance Project"
”NEC’s broadband wireless access products”, NEC Corporation Technical White Paper
“Wireless virtualization in GENI”, GDD-06-17, 2006

  1. Paul, R. Yates, D. Raychaudhuri and J. Kurose, "The Cache-and-Forward Network Architecture for Efficient Mobile Content Delivery Services in the Future Internet", to appear in ITU-T Next Generation Networks (NGN) Conference, Geneva, May 2008.

OMF (cOntrol and Management Framework)
ORBIT Testbed
Current OMF documents
Cluster E Overview Drawing
ORBIT diagram
ORBIT Connectivity
(WiMAX connectivity from WINLAB follows ORBIT connectivity)
OML is a measurement library developed in the context of OMF.
OML Overview (wiki)
OML Overview (slides)

4. Planning

4.1 System Engineering

GENI WiMAX Project: System Engineering Summary

4.2 Campus Deployments

See campus table from 1793 proposal

4.3 Schedule

See high-level schedule Figure 6 from 1793 proposal

5. Base Station Kit

5.1 Configuration

5.2 NEC Antenna and Power Amplifier

5.3 NEC RF Module

5.4 Linux Server

5.5 Software Modules

5.6 Version and Release Compatibility Plan

6. Campus Installation

6.1 License


Instrumentation and Measurements


ORBIT Experiments (getting started)


ORBIT to PlanetLab Interoperability

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