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WiMAX Meso-Scale Deployment Integration

1. Projects

(campus deployment projects)
WIMAX Design and Prototype
ORBIT Design and Prototype

2. Meetings and Demos

[ "WiMAX Base Station Demo at GEC 6, November 17, 2009"]

3. References and Documents

GENI WiMAX Project: System Engineering Summary
API Specification for Virtualized WiMAX Basestation
D. Raychaudhuri and Editors M. Gerla, “New architectures and disruptive technologies for the future internet: The wireless, mobile and sensor network perspective” Report of NSF Wireless Mobile Planning Group (WMPG) Workshop, August 2005
Open Base Station Architecture Initiative
“Android: An Open Handset Alliance Project"
”NEC’s broadband wireless access products”, NEC Corporation Technical White Paper
“Wireless virtualization in GENI”, GDD-06-17, 2006

  1. Paul, R. Yates, D. Raychaudhuri and J. Kurose, "The Cache-and-Forward Network Architecture for Efficient Mobile Content Delivery Services in the Future Internet", to appear in ITU-T Next Generation Networks (NGN) Conference, Geneva, May 2008.

OMF (cOntrol and Management Framework)
ORBIT Testbed
Current OMF documents
Cluster E Overview Drawing
ORBIT diagram
ORBIT Connectivity
(WiMAX connectivity from WINLAB follows ORBIT connectivity)
OML is a measurement library developed in the context of OMF.
OML Overview (wiki)
OML Overview (slides)

4. Planning

4.1 System Engineering

GENI WiMAX Project: System Engineering Summary

4.2 Campus Deployments

See campus table from 1793 proposal

4.2 Schedule

See high-level schedule Figure 6 from 1793 proposal



Instrumentation and Measurements


ORBIT Experiments (getting started)


ORBIT to PlanetLab Interoperability

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