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    256256=== 6.1  Configuration ===
    258 Fig 1-2a)  Hardware and Networking  [[BR]]
     258Fig 1-2a)  System Configuration with Three Servers  [[BR]]
    259259[[Image(Visio-111309b_WiMAXSystemOverview_Page_2.jpg, 90%)]]  [[BR]]
    261 Figure 1-2a) shows the full configuration with three servers: [[BR]]
     261Figure 1-2a) shows the system configuration with three servers: [[BR]]
    262262 ASNGW-03, that provides combined ASN GW functions. [[BR]]
    263263 ASNGW-02, that provides virtualized ASN GW functions, for separate slices. [[BR]]
    269269 Polytechnic Institute of NYU[[BR]]
    271 For the initial bringup, it should be possible to load all functions into one server.[[BR]]
    273 Issue:  Are there campuses that can complete their expected experiments operating with only one server?  two servers?
     271In many cases, it should be possible to combine the ASNGW functions into one server, for a total of two servers;  see Figure 1-2b.  [[BR]]
     273Fig 1-2b)  System Configuration with Two Servers  [[BR]]
     274[[Image(Visio-111309b_WiMAXSystemOverview_Page_2.jpg, 90%)]]  [[BR]]
    276278=== 6.2  Base Station Hardware  ===
    278 Fig 1-2b)  NEC BTS IDU, ODU and Antenna  [[BR]]
     280Fig 1-2b)  NEC BTS IDU and ODU Base Station Hardware  [[BR]]
    279281[[Image(Visio-111309b_WiMAXSystemOverview_Page_3.jpg, 90%)]]  [[BR]]
    281283=== 6.3  WiMAX Antenna ===
    283 Ivan on 3/16:  NEC antenna in kit is 120 degree antenna, intended to cover one sector.  [[BR]]
    284 If campus prefers 360 degree, omni-direcitonal antenna, needs to purchase separetely.  [[BR]]
    285 NOTE:  Preference for each campus shown below.  [[BR]]
    286 ISSUE:  Provide spec for uni-direcitonal antenna  [[BR]]
     285There are two types of nominal 2.5GHz WiMAX antennas that may be installed at the site: [[BR]]
     286 *  NEC 120-degree sector antenna, provided by Rutgers as part of the kit [[BR]]
     287 *  Commercial 360-degree omni-directional antenna, not provided by Rutgers as part of the kit [[BR]]
     289Two sources have been identified for a 2.5GHz WiMAX 360-degree omni-directional antenna: [[BR]]
     290 *  [  info] [[BR]]
     291 *  [  info] [[BR]]
     293Each campus should decide on the appropriate antenna;  see Section xx below. [[BR]]
     295The antenna must be connected to the NEC ODU using a short length of low-loss cable, with N-type connectors: [[BR]]
     296 *  LMR-400 up to 6 ft. [[BR]]
     297 *  LMR-600 greater than 6 ft. [[BR]]
     299Note that the loss in the cable can have a significant impact on range. [[BR]]
     300Check [ info] for cables with connectors [[BR]]
     302It may be possible to include two antennas, with a manual or electronically-controlled coaxial switch.  UNDER STUDY [[BR]]
    288305=== 6.4  GPS Antenna ===
    291308Candidate is [  PCTel GPS-TMG-SP-40NGPS]  timing reference antenna, with integrated lightning protection  [[BR]]
    292309ISSUE:  Pick antenna with appropriate gain, and coax cable with appropriate attenuation.  [[BR]]
     313The same antenna/mounting combo comes with 10, 20 and 40 dB of gain (the only issue is possible ringing with high gains so for cases where there is less than 50m of cable we should go with 10 or 20 dB max). I would definitely go for heavy duty mounting (like this one because it has built-in arrester so that all we need is a proper grounding which presumably already exist for the main antenna). As for what cable and where to get them, there are quite a few outfits; for example the site for WiMAX antenna:
     319-----Original Message-----
     320From: Harry Mussman []
     321Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2010 11:37 AM
     322To: 'michel,tony'; Ivan Seskar
     323Cc: 'Harry Mussman'
     324Subject: gps antenna and cable
     326Tony and Ivan,
     328I am updating the wiki, and am looking for:
     3311)  gps antenna spec. 
     333Per Ivan earlier, a good one is attached.
     335Which mounting hardware?  Heavy duty?
     3392)  gps antenna coax cable
     341Assume:  up to 100m, like fiber?
     343Overall loss budget:
     345        Output from antenna?
     347        Input range to NEC ODU?
     349        What coax, loss?
     354NEC IDU:  GPS Antenna Terminal (GPS ANT): BNC connector
     356GPS antenna:  N, female  (one - bottom fed)
     359Can we find a place that supplies cable with connectors?
    294362=== 6.5  -48VDC Power  ===