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9. WiMAX Site Federation

9.1 Federation with Other WiMAX Testbeds

Federation of Testbeds on Multiple Campuses

During initial bringup, each WiMAX testbed will operate as a self-contained OMF-controlled testbed.

Then, various WiMAX testbeds will be federated, by:

Connecting the Management and Control Networks of the testbeds together using a multipoint VLAN provided by the GENI backbone, to permit coordinated OMF control of two or more testbeds by one experimenter.
Connecting experiment data from testbeds together, using a VLAN carried by a GENI backbone.

The Rutgers WINLAB testbed has been connected to the Internet2 backbone network, and has used the ION service to extend L2 (VLAN) connections to the NICTA and BBN testbeds. Thus, Internet2 is the preferred backbone for all WimAX testbeds.

Current Layer 2 connectivity from Ruthers/WINLAB to NICTA via Internet 2 and AARNET:

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9.2 Federation with PlanetLab Testbeds

See ORBIT to PlanetLab Interoperability