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7. WiMAX Client Platforms

7.1 Options

More and more WiMAX client platforms are being released.

The WiMAX client platforms include devices, driver software and ongoing support arrangements.

We will procure as many WiMAX client platforms as possible, and integrate the most useful ones with the WiMAX Campus Deployment Kit. These will be "certified" for use with the GENI WiMAX campus deployment kit.

We will deliver a limited number of "certified" WiMAX client platforms to the campus deployment projects.

7.2 Plug-in WiMAX Client Devices for PCs and Tablets

7.1.2 USB Platforms

Several USB WiMAX client platforms are currently being introduced, and realtively low prices.

See Motorola USBw 100

See Motorola USBw 200

See the AWB U210 from Accton Wireless Broadband Corp in Taiwan. It is an IEEE 802.16e-2005 Wave 2 compliant device.

US210 USB Adapter - WiMAX Kit Certified device


7.1.4 ExpressCard Platforms

Modacom MW-C2300E Modacom MW-C2500E

Samsung SWC-e100 - Sprint certified []

7.1.1 mini-PCIexpress Platfroms ====== 7.1.3 PCMCIA Platforms

7.2 PC and Tablets with Built-in WiMAX Clients

7.3 Handsets with Built-in WiMAX Clients

Samsung SWD-m100

7.4 CPE and other devices

CPEi 150

Modacom URoad-5000

7.5 Client Platform Bill of Materials

7.6 Client Platform Integration and Deployment Plan

7.7 Client Platform Issues

The BS Kit is delivered with 10 USB clients

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