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6. WiMAX Client Platforms

We will test as many platforms as we can get our hands on.

6.1 Options

6.1.1 mini-PCIexpress Platfroms

6.1.2 USB Platforms

USBw 100 USBw 200 The AWB U210 from Accton Wireless Broadband Corp in Taiwan is IEEE 802.16e-2005 Wave 2 compliant device. US210 USB Adapter - WiMAX Kit Certified device

6.1.3 PCMCIA Platforms


6.1.4 ExpressCard Platforms

Modacom MW-C2300E Modacom MW-C2500E

Samsung SWC-e100 - Sprint certified []

6.2 PC with WiMAX Client

6.3 Tablet with WiMAX Client

6.4 Handset with WiMAX Client

Samsung SWD-m100

6.5 CPE and other devices

CPEi 150

Modacom URoad-5000

6.5 Client Plan

The BS Kit is delivered with 10 USB clients

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