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     329ISSUE: The Rutgers/WINLAB license state: "Licensee must get consent from Educational Broadband Services and Broadband Radio Services licensees in the immediate vicinity of the tests." This must be done at each site. Could it be done for all sites by contacting Sprint/ClearWire on behalf of GENI?
     331ISSUE: In the Rutgers/WINLAB case, and probably for others, the base station will have to shut down (or find available spectrum) when Sprint/ClearWire starts commercial service in the area. Can we determine when might this be expected for each of the affected areas?
     333ISSUE: Does your site require a PE to certify proper grounding?
     335ISSUE: Does your site require a PE to certify the safety of the pole mounting?
     337ISSUE: Should the pole be placed to allow for the possible addition of a second or even third antenna?
     339ISSUE: On which side of the pole should the antenna be mounted? How should it be tilted? How do these influence the coverage pattern?
     341ISSUE: Optionally, each CHC unit can support two Outdoor Units and Sector Antennas. Would we want to do this? Why?
     343ISSUE: Optionally, two additional CHC units could be installed. Would we want to do this to serve multiple sectors?
     345ISSUE: What could be done without an ASN-GW? What could be done with a rudimentary ASN-GW?
     347ISSUE: Should an RF spectrum scanner system (e.g., antenna and spectrum analyzer) be used to verify operation within assigned spectrum? Should an RF RF spectrum scanner system be permanently deployed? How could it be built? Could it become a GENI measurement node?