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4.7) Mobile Station using Android Handset

Derek Meyer (Univ Wisconsin)

  • Summary of discussions with Sprint about unlocked HTC Evo handset
    • 3-way NDA was signed
    • Sprint has subcontractor who handles such purchases: contact is ?
    • Many handsets in warehouse, such as HTC Evo 4G; approx $300 per handset
    • Must be unlocked by subcontractor, so can register with GENI network; need to provide config to subcontractor (done by Ivan)
    • Must be sure can download Android apps

What are next steps?

  • Working with other projects, establish how many handsets are needed at which sites
  • Consider how to provide handsets to projects no longer supported by the GPO
  • Complete negotiation with Sprint subcontractor (WSA Distributing), and order devices (due 12/1/12)
  • Get and check samples?
  • Verify operation, and loading of apps
  • Deliver handsets to other projects (due 1/15/13)
  • Support use by other projects
  • Maintain relationship with WSA Distributing