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WiMAX Experiments

1. Mailing Lists

Suggested mailing lists for WiMAX experimenters:
GENI mailing lists, including the dev, discuss and geni-announce lists, plus working groups that cover your interests.
mail to for experimenters / subscribe / mailman archieve

2. Meetings and Demos

3. Techniques

WiMAX Experiments Using OMF/OML

tutorial and software

Measurements using OML

Quick-start tutorial for OML at tutorial

Multiple WiMAX Experiments using Virtualization

4. Experiments and Demos by Developers

WiMAX Base Station Demo at GEC 6

See WiMAX Base Station Demo at GEC 6, November 17, 2009

This demo included:

WiMAX coverage from Rutgers, WINLAB to an outdoor mobile client, driving in a loop.
Throughput to an indoor mobile client, demonstrating imporved throughput due to traffic shaping.

Demo Planning at GEC7

At the GEC7 meeting on 3/16, Dipankar (Ray) Raychaudhuri led the campus projects in a discussion of research use cases and planned experiments; see GEC7 Demo Plan Meeting

ParkNet Demo at GEC9

See WiMAX ParkNet Demo at GEC 9, November 3, 2010

"Wirel" Demo at GEC9

This demo combines both WiMAX and OpenFlow elements.

Throughput and Range Measurements at GEC10


5. Experiments and Demos by Researchers

Optimizing HARQ for Video Traffic

Montpetit at MIT; see Optimizing HARQ for Video Traffic?

WiMAX DoS Vulnerabilities

Brooks at Clemson; see WiMAX DoS Vulnerabilities?

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