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Run the experiment

Ready to run the experiment? First turn the nodes on, since they'll still be off after being imaged:

omf tell -a on -t,

Then run:

omf exec -C omf-expctl.yaml wmxtutor-dash.rb

Make a note of your experiment ID, which is printed on the console like this:

INFO NodeHandler: Experiment ID: default_slice-2013-07-17t19.19.57.782-04.00

Once the experiment has concluded, note its Experiment ID push the results to a "streamload" directory in iRODS using this ID:

iarchive -e expID -c dash

(replace expID with your actual Experiment ID as printed on the console)

To view your experiment results, visit the iRODS web browser at Use:

  • Host:
  • Port: 1247
  • Zone: geniRenci

Click on the expID.sq3 file and click 'Plot' to create simple plots of measurements stored by OML.

You can also download this file and explore the data using an SQLite browser such as this Firefox plugin.