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Clearing Experiment Settings

Before starting a wireless experiment, we want to restore the wireless environment to its default state. These commands are run from the console on Outdoor to reset all of the base station and attenuation settings:

wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5004/wimaxrf/bs/default"
wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5004/wimaxrf/bs/restart"
wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5004/wimaxrf/datapath/config/load?name=default"

Loading a Saved Disk Image

We're ready to load the previously prepared disk image onto a testbed node. We have separate images for the node that will act as a server, and the node that will act as a client.

To load the image for Policy 1 onto the client node:

omf load -i gec17_dash_policy_1.ndz -t


We have implemented 3 different policies in the VLC source code and created a separate disk image for each.
These are named gec17_dash_policy_1.ndz, gec17_dash_policy_2.ndz, and gec17_dash_policy_3.ndz

You can load the server image onto another node at the same time:

omf load -i gec17_dash_apache.ndz -t

Tip: If any node doesn't seem to be checking in, e.g. you see output like this:

INFO stdlib: Waiting for nodes (Up/Down/Total): 2/1/3 - (still down: [140 sec.]

try opening another SSH session to the outdoor console and resetting the misbehaving node:
omf tell -a reset -t