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What Resources Are in GENI (and what are they good for)?

This table gives new GENI users a quick and easy way to see what testbed / framework might be useful for their experiment. Each of the groups listed under here has a page which describes the tools and facilities available for their users. The list is sorted by scale.

Note that some resources in GENI are supported as production resources, while others are available as prototype resources. More details are available at ProductionResources .

Testbed NameClusterPhysical connectivityLayer 2 ControlLayer 3 ControlScaleProgramming environmentRestrictions
Million Node GENI / SeattleCReal end user networksNoneNone~3K nodesPython based VMTCP / UDP traffic only, see AUP
PlanetLabBEdu networksSome via OpenFlowLimited RAW sockets, VINI~1K nodesLinux VMSee AUP
ProtoGENICMachine room, real switches, etc.OpenFlow, VLANs across the WAN, None~500 nodesAny OS VMSee AUP
DETER / TIED Machine room, real switches, etc.????~500 nodesAny OS VMAllows disruptive experiments, see AUP
ORBITE 802.22NoneNone??? nodesAny OS VM??
GpENIBEdu networksOpenFlow, ??Limited RAW sockets, VINI, ??~200 nodesLinux VMSee AUP