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What Resources Are in GENI (and what are they good for)?

This table gives new GENI users a quick and easy way to see what testbed / framework might be useful for their experiment. Each of the groups listed under here has a page which describes the tools and facilities available for their users. The list is sorted by scale.

Testbed NameClusterPhysical connectivityLayer 2 ControlLayer 3 ControlScaleProgramming environmentRestrictions
Million Node GENI / SeattleCReal end user networksNoneNone~3K nodesPython based VMTCP / UDP traffic only, see AUP
PlanetLabBEdu networksSome via OpenFlowLimited RAW sockets, VINI~1K nodesLinux VMSee AUP
ProtoGENICMachine room, real switches, etc.OpenFlow, VLANs across the WAN, None~500 nodesAny OS VMSee AUP
ORCADMachine room, real switches, etc.????~500 nodesAny OS VMAllows disruptive experiments, see AUP
ORBITEWiMaxNoneNone??? nodesPython based VM??
GpENIBEdu networksOpenFlow, ??Limited RAW sockets, VINI, ??~200 nodesLinux VMSee AUP