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WiMAX Prototyping in Metro Detroit: Integrating GENI Engineering with Wireless Network Applications and Science

Technical Contacts

PI: Hongwei Zhang, Wayne State University,
Co-PI: TJ Giuli, Ford Motor Company
Co-PI: Jayanthi Rao, Ford Motor Company
Co-PI: Jing Zhu, Intel Corporation
Co-PI: Xiangying Yang, Intel Corporation
Co-PI: Patrick Gossman, Community Telecommunications Network, Wayne State University

Participating Organizations

Wayne State University
Ford Motor Company
Intel Corporation
Community Telecommunications Network

GPO Liaison System Engineer

GPO System Engineer: Harry Mussman


This project will deploy a multi-sector WiMAX network (three sectors total) in Metro Detroit which supports handoff, based on WiMAX base station kits provided by Rutgers. The sectors will be connected via a flexible access network to the GENI backbone network (e.g., NLR). It will develop and deploy a WiMAX mobile station platform with measurement services, based upon baseline mobile station software provided by Rutgers, and including OpenXC provided by Ford. It will utilize the WiMAX network and mobile stations for experiments in sensing and vehicular infotainment.

Current Capabilities

  • An operational WiMAX research network with 2 base stations covering midtown and downtown Detroit, Wayne State University campus, as well as nearby highways (e.g., I-75, I-94, M-10).
  • GENI-fied OpenXC vehicular sensing and control module.
  • GENI-fied WiMAX measurement tools.


Spiral 4

Project Technical Documents

Demo on VInsight-Enabled Vehicular Sensing and Control (GEC17)

Initial WiMAX deployment plan at Wayne State University (GEC12)

Refined/final WiMAX deployment plan at Wayne State University (GEC13)

Deployment status at Wayne State University (GEC14)

Status Reports

Status report as of GEC13

Status report as of GEC14

Layer 2 Connectivity

Static VLAN from WiMAXWayne site, through MERIT, to Starlight in Chicago, and then to Internet2 and NLR.

IT contact at Wayne State University: Hongwei Zhang

Related Projects

Projects in networked sensing and control as well as cyber-physical systems in the research group led by Prof. Hongwei Zhang

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