WIMXUWI Project Status Report

Period: 4Q2012

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

  • WIMXUWI: S5.g Demonstration at GEC15 and Experimenter Outreach
    • Completed

B. Deliverables made

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

This last quarter, we integrated our WiNGs website with the testbed website for greater exposure to to our testbed. We expect that we will gain more users to our testbed with the higher volume traffic. Users are able create usernames through the website that will give them access to both the OMF server and the internal wiki. The internal wiki is linked to the LDAP server, therefore, there is only one login name and one password they will have to remember. The wiki is currently geared towards new users to teach them about the testbed itself and the nodes. It also contains a step by step tutorial on conducting their first experiment and many links to pre-existing tutorials on external websites.

The preparations for the installation of the Airspan base station is underway. We have been working with a city organization who has seemed to hit a wall, so we are currently working towards getting the Airspan base station installed on the Computer Sciences building. The new base station will compliment our current Cisco base station, because it will allow us to install testbed nodes in the Computer Sciences building and have access to two base stations. The nodes for the second testbed will contain two Wimax USB devices, each configured to connect to one base station. This will provide a means for experimenters to work on hand-off experiments from within our testbed.

A. Activities and findings

B. Project participants

In UW-Madison --- Joshua Hare, Lance Hartung, Wes Miller, and Derek Meyer

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

D. Outreach activities

E. Collaborations

  • Collaborations are ongoing with two local bus operators:
    1. Madison Metro Transit --- which operates city transit services in and around Madison, WI; and,
    2. Van Galder Bus --- which operates buses on various long distance routes between Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

Both these partners are using our WiMAX and in-vehicle node deployment to provide Internet services to their vehicles and passengers with great success and evaluating them for larger scale deployments.

F. Other Contributions

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