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    3030=== A. Activities and findings ===
     32The project has led to a deployment of two WiMAX systems in the UW-Madison campus (one from Cisco and the other from NEC). Two experimenters have now been enabled on these systems --- Madison Metro and Van Galder Bus, two local bus operators who are using WiMAX connectivity to provide Internet access services on their buses. Hundreds of users on these buses are using these systems daily and they are providing real user participation in this GENI experimentation platform. Surveys from the users and the user experience are available with the PIs and will be published in the near future.
    3234=== B. Project participants ===
     36In UW-Madison --- Joshua Hare, Lance Hartung, Wes Miller, and Derek Meyer
    3438=== C. Publications (individual and organizational) ===
     40Can They Hear Me Now? A Crowd-sourced Approach to Monitoring Wide-area Wireless
     41Networks. Sayandeep Sen, Jongwon Yoon, Joshua Hare, Justin Ormont, Suman Banerjee.
     42(Work under submission in May 2011)
    3644=== D. Outreach activities ===
    3846=== E. Collaborations ===
     47 * Collaborations are ongoing with two local bus operators:
     48    i. Madison Metro Transit --- which operates city transit services in and around Madison, WI; and,
     49    i. Van Galder Bus --- which operates buses on various long distance routes between Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis.
     51Both these partners are using our WiMAX and in-vehicle node deployment to provide Internet services to their vehicles and passengers with great success and evaluating them for larger scale deployments.
    4053=== F. Other Contributions ===
     55We are also collecting a large volume of user performance data on Internet access services from moving vehicles. This performance data will be published soon.