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Project Number


Project Title

Deploying GENI WiMax in Colorado

Technical Contacts

PI: Dirk Grunwald
Research Assistant: Gary Yee gary.yee@Colorado.EDU

Participating Organizations

University of Colorado at Boulder CS Dept.

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Harry Mussman


This proposal will install and maintain a programmable WiMax base station at one of the existing University of Colorado Wide-Area Radio Testbed (WART) wireless network sites. It will use a “GENI WiMax Base Station Kit” provided by Rutgers.

Current Capabilities


MilestoneDate(WIMXCOLUM: S2.a Redesign remote management/power system)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXCOLUM: S2.b Install the WiMax base station kit and antennas)?

MilestoneDate(WIMXUCO: S3.a Demonstration at GEC9 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXUCO: S3.b Documentation and Code Release)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXUCO: S3.c Demonstration at GEC10 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXUCO: S3.d Documentation and Code Release)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXUCO: S3.e Demonstration at GEC11 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXUCO: S3.f Documentation and code release)?

Campus Installation Checklist

University of Colorado at Boulder

PI: Dirk Grunwald

Step Description Planned Started Completed Comment
1 Identify Outdoor Site on Campus - Started - Have eight sites with 802.11 antennas, ranging from high (6km range) to low (within clutter of buildings) Another group on campus runs a WiMAX system inside a lab.
2 Obtain FCC License - Started - University has leased their license to Clearwire, but some use may still be possible
3 Identify Indoor Equipment Room on Campus - - -
4 Install Wiring at Outdoor Site and to Indoor Equipment Room - - -
5 Install Pole at Outdoor Site and Ground - - -
6 Install Antenna at Outdoor Site - - -
7 Install Base Station Outdoor Unit - - -
8 Complete Wiring at Outdoor Site and to Indoor Equipment Room - - -
9 Install Indoor Equipment Racks and Ground - - -
10 Install 120VAC and -48VDC Power Feeds and/or Supplies - - -
11 Install Base Station Indoor Unit - - -
12 Complete Wiring of Base Station Indoor Unit - - -
13 Initial Check-Out of Antenna and Base Station Outdoor and Indoor Units - - -
14 Install Ethernet (VLAN) Switch, or Identify Existing Capacity - - -
15 Install Linux Server(s) and Software - - -
16 Connect Backbone Network - - -
17 Provide Reference Client Platform - - -
18 Initial Check-Out of Campus WiMAX Testbed - - -

Project Technical Documents

Quarterly Status Reports

Spiral 2 Review

Spiral 2 Connectivity

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