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Project Title

Open GENI WiMax Base Station Kit for Campus Deployments
a.k.a. WIMXRG

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Dipankar Raychaudhuri WINLAB, Rutgers University
Co-Principal Investigator: Sampath Rangarajan NEC Laboratories America
Technical Staff: Ivan Seskar WINLAB / Rutgers University Ivan Seskar

Participating Organizations

WINLAB / Rutgers University, North Brunswick, NJ
NEC Laboratories America, Princeton, NJ

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Harry Mussman


This project is aimed at the development, procurement and software support of a GENI-enabled WiMAX base station equipment kit for deployment on seven campuses. This is follow-on to the current Spiral 1 project on the prototyping and trial deployment of an open GENI WiMAX 802.16e base station. The project leverages a commercial 802.16e base station from NEC, replacing the standard WiMAX controller with an open GENI software implementation that supports virtualization and layer 2/3 programmability.

Current Capabilities


MilestoneDate(WIMXRG: S2.a Develop Install/Ops Guidelines)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXRG: S2.b Deliver kits to two campuses)?
Procure and deliver WiMax base station kit to GPO integration lab (subject to equipment availability)
MilestoneDate(WIMXRG: S2.c Upgrade base station software)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXRG: S2.d Demo with at least two sites)?

Project Technical Documents

Quarterly Status Reports

Spiral 2 Connectivity

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