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Project Title

Campus deployment of an open GENI WiMAX 802.16e Testbed in Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Technical Contacts

PI: Thanasis Korakis

Participating Organizations

Polytechnic University of NYU, Brooklyn, NY

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Harry Mussman


This project builds an open/programmable WiMax testbed on the campus of Polytechnic University of NYU. It utilizes the "Open GENI WiMax Base Station Kit for Campus Deployments" provided by an associated project (Rutgers and NEC). It provides for the installation, maintenance and integration of the WiMax base station kit with existing experimentation facilities at the university.

Current Capabilities


MilestoneDate(WIMXNYUPT: S2.a Complete Installation)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXNYUPT: S2.b Multi-campus Demo)?

MilestoneDate(WIMXNYUPT: S3.a Demonstration at GEC9 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXNYUPT: S3.b Documentation and Code Release)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXNYUPT: S3.c Demonstration at GEC10 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXNYUPT: S3.d Documentation and Code Release)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXNYUPT: S3.e Demonstration at GEC11 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(WIMXNYUPT: S3.f Documentation and code release)?

Campus Installation Checklist

Polytechnic University of NYU

PI: Thanasis Korakis

Step Description Planned Started Completed Comment
1 Identify Outdoor Site on Campus - Started Completed Roof of the ECE building
2 Obtain FCC License - Started Completed
3 Identify Indoor Equipment Room on Campus - Started Completed Networking room of the Library in the ECE building
4 Install Wiring at Outdoor Site and to Indoor Equipment Room - Started Completed
5 Install Pole at Outdoor Site and Ground - Started Completed
6 Install Antenna at Outdoor Site - Started Completed
7 Install Base Station Outdoor Unit - Started Completed
8 Complete Wiring at Outdoor Site and to Indoor Equipment Room - Started Completed
9 Install Indoor Equipment Racks and Ground - Started Completed
10 Install 120VAC and -48VDC Power Feeds and/or Supplies - Started Completed
11 Install Base Station Indoor Unit - Started Completed
12 Complete Wiring of Base Station Indoor Unit - Started Completed
13 Initial Check-Out of Antenna and Base Station Outdoor and Indoor Units - Started Completed
14 Install Ethernet (VLAN) Switch, or Identify Existing Capacity - Started Completed
15 Install Linux Server(s) and Software - Started Completed
16 Connect Backbone Network - Started Completed
17 Provide Reference Client Platform - Started Completed
18 Initial Check-Out of Campus WiMAX Testbed - Started Completed

Project Technical Documents

Quarterly Status Reports

Spiral 2 Review

Spiral 2 Connectivity

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Open GENI WiMAX Base Station Kit for Campus Deployments

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