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Network Interface Card Installation

This page describes how we install the network interface card (Intel Centrino Advanced-N WiMAX 6250) into our testbed client platform (Dell's Latitude D830).

a. Temporary installation

The type of network interface card is mini-PCI express. The client platform (Latitude D830) has two mini-PCI express slots inside the body, one for WLAN and the other for WWAN. We selected the WWAN slot to install the NIC as an additional interface. The slot only allows full-size interface but the NIC shapes in half-size so we need to make it fit on the slot. We temporary fix the NIC on the slot with wood stick as shown in following:

ThumbImage(IMG_0419.JPG)? ThumbImage(IMG_0418.2.JPG)?
(Need to be fastened!!) (Fixed with wood sticks)

b. NIC size extension

In above reason, we need to purchase brackets to extend the size of "mini-size" NIC card to be fit into the "full-size' mini-PCI express slot. We placed the order two brackets through Ebay ( which only cost few dollars ($4.66 each). We attached the bracket to the NIC as follows:


c. Final installation

Finally, we removed the wood sticks and installed the NIC extended full-size into the slot. The snapshot of the installed NIC is as follows:


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