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    128128[  "ViSE:  2Q09 Status Report"][[BR]]
    129129[  "ViSE:  3Q09 Status Report"][[BR]]
    130 [  "ViSE:  3Q09 Status Report"][[BR]]
     130[  "ViSE:  yEAR 1 Final Report"][[BR]]
    139139Layer 3 Connectivity:  IP access will be through UMass Amherst's campus network, using their public IP addresses.
    141 Layer 2 Connectivity:  There is currently no usable layer2 connection to the UMass Amherst lab available for GENI (this is the same lab that the [wiki:DOME] project uses).  The project is investigating the possibility of installing local fiber that could enable a connection to NLR through an appropriate regional network.  If installed, this fiber would support both the [wiki:DOME] and [wiki:ViSE] projects.  Field locations might be accessed via IP tunnels or layer2 VLANs--investigation is ongoing.
     141Layer 2 Connectivity:  In cooperation with OIT at UMass-Amherst we have provided a VLAN connection from our control plane server to an Internet2 point-of-presence in Boston. An [ MOU] was agreed upon with the UMass Office of Information Technology (OIT) regarding connecting Internet2 to the DOME and ViSE servers, along with
     142VLAN access.  The OIT contact is Rick Tuthill,  tuthill email at  The agreements include:[[BR]]
     1431)  CS shall order OIT-provisioned network jacks in appropriate locations in the Computer Science building using normal OIT processes.  (completed) [[BR]]
     1442)  OIT shall configure these jacks into a single VLAN that shall be extended over existing OIT-managed network infrastructure between the Computer Science building and the Northern Crossroads (NoX) Internet2 Gigapop located at 300 Bent St in Cambridge, MA.[[BR]]
     1453)  OIT agrees to provide a single VLAN for “proof-of-concept” testing and initial GENI research activities.  [[BR]]
     1464)  The interconnection of the provided VLAN between the NoX termination point and other Internet2 locations remains strictly the province of the CS researchers and the GENI organization.[[BR]]
     1475)  This service shall be provided by OIT at no charge to CS for the term of one year in the interest of OIT learning more about effectively supporting network-related research efforts on campus. [[BR]]
    143 IT contact at UMass Amherst ?  [[BR]]
     149In an email dated September 28th, 2009 Rick Tuthill of UMass-Amherst OIT updated us on the status of this connection, as follows:[[BR]]
     1506)  The two existing ports at the CS building in room 218A  and room 226  and all intermediary equipment are now configured to provide layer-2 VLAN transport from these networks jacks to the UMass/Northern Crossroads(NoX) handoff at 300 Bent
     151St in Cambridge, MA. [[BR]]
     1527)  The NoX folks are not doing anything with this research VLAN at this time. They need further guidance from GENI on exactly what they’re supposed to do with the VLAN. [[BR]]
     1538)  Also, once IP addressing is clarified for this VLAN, we’ll need to configure some OIT network equipment to allow the selected address range(s) to pass through. [[BR]]
     155We intend this VLAN connection to service both the ViSE and the DOME testbeds.  Note that Layer 2 ethernets will not extend to the DieselNet nodes, due to limitations in the existing deployed systems, but IP tunnels to the layer 2 VLAN termination points should be feasible for connecting mobile endpoints to the GENI virtual ethernets.[[BR]]
     157In the coming year, we have committed to planning with our peers in Cluster D and the GPO on how to best use this new capability. As part of this plan, and before we can send/receive traffic on this link, we will discuss the roles and capabilities of Internet2 in forwarding our traffic to its correct destination. [[BR]]
    145159== GPO Liason System Engineer ==