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A Federated WiMAX Facility for Vehicular Applications and Metro-Scale Experimentation

Technical Contacts

PI: Suman Banerjee, UW-Madison,
Co-PI: Dave Eveland, Madison Metro Transit,

Participating Organizations

Madison Metro Transit

GPO Liaison System Engineer

GPO System Engineer: Harry Mussman


This project will extend and enhance the existing MadBed outdoor WiMAX network testbed, which is supported by a GENI WiMAX deployment project. It will be extended to a total of four WiMAX base stations (four sectors) by adding one Airspan Profile C base station kit (one sector) provided by Rutgers. The mobility API in the existing Mobility Services Engine will be extended to provide access to all the different WiMAX base stations across multiple sites, and thus facilitate experiments that straddle such sites. Supported mobile stations will include both custom-built multi-interface wireless nodes (called WiRover gateways) mounted on public transit buses in Madison, WI, and programmable WiMAX-capable handsets (e.g., HTC EVO handsets). The enhanced MadBed testbed will facilitate experimentation across a significant metro area, both for vehicular systems and for end users with programmable handsets.

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