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Add comments about PI and ADMIN roles on user credentials passed to SA


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    479479The Slice Authority manages the creation of slices, which are containers for allocating resources. It provides credentials (called slice credentials) which aggregates may use to make authorization decisions about allocating resources to a particular user to a particular slice. These slice credentials are one of the fields that may be provided from the create_slice call or requested in the lookup_slices call.
     481The credentials passed to SA Slice Service methods are SA-specific. But a common case is for a tool to want to pass additional information about a user, obtained from the MA, to the SA to allow the SA to make informed authorization decisions. These credentials may be in the form of an SFA-style User Credential or ABAC credential. Common useful information from the MA to the SA about users would be slice-independent (the SA should know all slice-specific information about users) information about roles and attributes of that user. Two conventional roles are:
     482 * PI: The user has a PI lead and is typically considered appropriate for creating projects or slices (if there are no projects)
     483 * ADMIN: The user has special 'admin' privileges and can perform operations not otherwise authorized.
    481485Note that renewal of slice expiration is handled in the update_slice call (with “SLICE_EXPIRATION” specified as the options key. The semantics of slice expiration is that slice expiration may only be extended, never reduced. Further restrictions (relative to project expiration or relative to slice creation, e.g.) are SA-specific.
    563567For example, this call may return a standard SFA Slice Credential and some ABAC credentials indicating the role of the member with respect to the slice.
    565 Note: When creating an SFA-style SliceCredential, the following roles typically allow users to operate at known GENI-compatible aggregates: "*" (asterisk) or the list of "refresh", "embed", "bind", "control" "info".
     569Note: When creating an SFA-style Slice Credential, the following roles typically allow users to operate at known GENI-compatible aggregates: "*" (asterisk) or the list of "refresh", "embed", "bind", "control" "info".