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Project Title

University of Utah, Utah Education Network

Technical Contacts

PI: Steven Corbato, University of Utah,
Joe Breen, University of Utah,

Participating Organizations

University of Utah
Utah Education Network

GPO Liaison System Engineer

GPO System Engineer: Heidi Dempsey


This project will deploy an OpenFlow substrate in the Utah area to enable 10Gpbs GENI OpenFlow access at Utah’s three research universities and collaboration with GENI rack deployment projects that can support other Utah higher education and high-school environments. UEN GENI deployments will be fully compliant with GENI software standards for GENI aggregates, as published at GENI Engineering Conferences. The sites will use one or more GENI Aggregate Managers controlling access to the aggregate resources. The sites will also support GENI experimenter access. The sites will support shared GENI monitoring and operations procedures and interfaces for the meso-scale infrastructure as published at GENI Engineering Conferences.

Current Capabilities

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