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    4242The PEN node consists of a Netronome NFEi800 Network Processor (NP) card that is capable of performing many network tasks without reducing network bandwidth or affecting latency. The NP contains a TCAM that allows packet-handling rules to be stored on the card. In user space, the end user utilizes the Netronome Flow Manager to create custom rule sets for packet handling. Figure 2 shows the overview of the design where we have both user level tools for specifying the capture criteria and the software on Netronome card to perform the packet classification and copying. Figure 3 depicts the algorithmic operations on the NP.
    44 [[Image(pktcopy-demo.jpg)]]
    4646As an example of packet handling, a user may desire to copy all packets from a specific flow. The software flowchart for this scenario is detailed in Figure 4. Using the NFM, the user will specify which ports and which flows are to be duplicated. The user may request that all traffic between Host1 and Host2 on ports 1 and 2 should be duplicated. This rule set is sent to the Netronome card. Each time a packet arrives which satisfies this rule set, the packet is copied to the PEN host. The packets may also be copied to a third machine, as specified by the experimenter. The packets then proceed to their original destinations. As a result of the nature of the network processor, there is little overhead produced during the packet copying process.