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    353509.45pm - 10.00pm: Miscellaneous GENI Topics & Wrap-Up
    37  == Pre-Work for Tutorial ==
     37== Pre-Work for Tutorial ==
    39 TBD
     39In order to participate in the hands-on portion of the workshop, please do the following steps as soon as convenient, but no later than March 3rd:
     40 1. As soon as possible, please verify you are able to log into the GENI Portal.  See instructions below.
     41 1. Verify you have a laptop suitable for the tutorial.  See requirements below.
     42 1. Ensure your laptop is configured to use Flash and that you can ssh with a private key from your machine.  See [ instructions].  You will need the private key and passphrase to verify the ssh setup on your laptop.  The key and passphrase were sent via separate emails.
     44Don't hesitate to email us at [] if you run into any trouble with these tasks.
    42 [ Tools]
     46Please email [] after you have completed all three of the above tasks
     48=== GENI Portal Account Instructions ===
     50These instructions are to test if you are able to log into the GENI Portal using the username and password you use at your home institution. If it turns out this username and password does not work, we will create an account for you.  (Note: GENI never sees your home institution username and password. For more information on how this works, see
     52 1. Go to and click the big orange "Use GENI" button.
     53 1. On the institution chooser page, select your home institution. The text entry field will auto-complete institutions if you type in a few characters. Or you can choose the "pick from list" option and find your institution in the drop down box.
     54    * IF your institution does not appear here, STOP and and fill out this form:
     55 1. Click "Continue". You should be redirected to your home institution's login page.
     56 1. Type in your usual home institution Username and Password. Again, note this information is not sent to GENI.
     57 1. You should be redirected to a GENI agreement page.
     58    * IF this does not happen, STOP and and fill out this form:
     59 1. On the GENI agreement page, check the two boxes that indicate you agree to all policies and to let the portal work on your behalf. Then "submit" the page.  Congratulations, you're done!  You should now be at the portal home page and you are ready for the GENI tutorial.
     61=== Laptop Requirements ===
     63Verify your laptop meets these minimum requirements:
     64 * Runs a relatively recent version of Mac OS X, Windows or Linux.
     65 * 4GB of memory
     66 * A modern processor, at least dual core and >1.5 GHz, (no Intel Atom, no netbooks, no tablets)
    4468== Questions?  Need more Information? ==