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Layer2Ping or PingPlus Exercise

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1. Design the Experiment

1.1 Obtain Resources

You can use Jacks, jFed, or Omni to create your slice and allocate resources. The instructions here assume you are using Jacks.

Create a slice or use an existing slice.

1.2 Reserve Two Virtual Machines at One Aggregate

We will use the topology of two nodes connected by a link.

The RSpec you will need is at

You can import this RSpec directly via Jacks, jFed, or use it with Omni.

Wait until the Jacks canvas turns green. If you are using Omni, wait until tells you your resources are ready and gives you ssh commands you can use to log into your nodes.

1.3 Note the ssh information for the server and client nodes

Write down the IP addresses and port numbers used to ssh into the server and client nodes.


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