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Topic 2 GENI I&M Services

Team members:

Harry Mussman* – BBN/GPO (yes)
Evan Zhang – BBN/GPO
Giridhar Manepalli - CNRI (yes)
Chris Small - Indiana Univ (yes)
Beth Plale - Indiana Univ (yes)

*agreed to organize first writing and discussion

Summarize current view of:

Measurement Orchestration (MO) Service
Measurement Point (MP) Service
Measurement Information (MI) Service
Measurement Collection (MC) Service
Measurement Analysis and Presentation (MAP) Service
Measurement Data Archive (MDA) Service

Need: Basic definition of a Measurement Data Archive (MDA) Service

Identify different types of services:

Type 1: Dedicated service platform, with dedicated sliver, for customized information.
(Completely dedicated to an experiment)
Type 2: Common service platform, with dedicated slivers, for customized information.
(Common portion, plus parts associated with different experiments)
Type 3: Common service, for common or customized information.
(Common service, with data provided to multiple experiments)