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GENI Portal Operational Data

This page captures information about the GENI Portal that is intended for Operators. The goal is to capture site contacts and connectivity.


Contacts for the GENI Portal

Contact Name: Hussam Nasir, University of Kentucky

Contact Email: Hussamuddin Nasir

Contact Name: Tom Mitchell, GENI Project Office

Contact Email:

Data Plane

The GENI Portal has no data plane connectivity.

Control Plane

This section captures Control plane information for the GENI Portal detailing topology and network address information.

Control plane connectivity information

Public connectivity to the GENI Portal is provided by Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon Region: US-east-1, Virginia
  • IP:
  • DNS:

Firewall/IP tables

  • TCP 443
  • TCP 80
  • TCP 22
  • ICMP

Remote Console Access

There is no access to a remote console on Amazon Web Services. AWS allows access to the last 64KB of console output via the EC2 console and via command line APIs.