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GENI [Clearinghouse Name] Clearinghouse Information Page

Information last updated on [date]

Information for Experimenters

Experimenter Authentication Information about the kinds of experimenters authenticated by the clearinghouse (e.g. US educational institutions only, InCommon federation members only, etc.)
Experimenter Attributes Collected Experimenter attributes collected and recorded (e.g. name, email address, faculty/staff/student/industrial researcher, citizenship, etc.)
Clearinghouse Privacy Policy Link to privacy policy: Why clearinghouse needs the information it collects and how this information is used.
Acceptable Use Policy Link to the GENI Recommended Use Policy or any other use policy required by the Clearinghouse.
Obtaining Experimenter Credentials Steps experimenters need to take to obtain GENI credentials. Includes information on how potential experimenters provide information needed by clearinghouse to grant GENI credentials (via their organizations ID providers, by faxing govt. issued IDs, etc).

Information for Aggregate Provides

Aggregate Listing Policies about the kinds of aggregates listed by the clearinghouse (e.g. non-commerical aggregates only or US aggregates only, etc).
Aggregate Provider Agreement Link to agreement that aggregate providers must adhere to.
Associating with the Clearinghouse Process Aggregate Providers must follow to be associated with and listed by this clearinghouse.

Listed Aggregates

Aggregate name Brief description of aggregate Link to aggregate experimenter page

Clearinghouse Management

Management Authority Name of organization that operates this clearinghouse. Link to URL of organization.
Operations POC Contact information for person or team that operates this clearinghouse
Technical POC Contact information for the PI or research team that develops/maintains the clearinghouse