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    1414= Experimenter Support =
    15 || Guides and Documents || Links to docs/web pages describing how experimenters can request, program/configure and control aggregate resources. If at all possible, help docs should include example experiments that use the aggregate resources. ||
    16 || Support || Link to experimenter support mailing list.  If available, information on mailing lists, newsgroups, blogs, call centers, etc. set up to support experimenters using aggregate resources. ||
    17 || Compatible Tools || Experiment control tools, instrumentation tools and programming tools that are compatible with this aggregate. ||
    18 [[BR]]
    1918= Using this Aggregate =
    2019|| Slice Authorities Recognized || Currently in GENI, a slice authority issues the user certificate, the user credential, and the slice credential. List recognized slice authorities in this space such as the GENI Project Office (, ProtoGENI (, and/or PlanetLab ( ||
    2120|| Usage Policies || Aggregate specific policies on who can use resources, how many resources can be held for how long, etc. ||
    2221|| Aggregate Manager URL     || URL for AM compatible with GENI AM API e.g. ||
    23 || Sample RSpecs             || Cut-and-paste text RSpecs that work for your resources ||
     22|| Sample RSpecs             || Link to RSpecs used successfully for rack site confirmation tests.  Leave blank for aggregates where confirmation tests were not done, unless the aggregate maintains an RSpec documentation resource of their own we should list. ||
    2524= Aggregate Management =