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This page is a DRAFT.

Operational monitoring in GENI

Operational monitoring data for GENI aggregates, slice authorities, and resources is collected by the GENI Meta-Operations Center and made available for use by GENI operators and experimenters.

How to install monitoring software

  • TangoGeniMonitoring/GmocConfiguration: tango-monitor-gmoc, the base package for submitting monitoring data using a python module ( All other monitoring software packages require this, and you can install it to submit your own custom monitoring data, or to use its functionality to download GMOC data, as well.
  • TangoGeniMonitoring/FoamConfiguration: tango-monitor-foam, the monitoring software for FOAM aggregates.

Information about what is monitored

In general, monitoring comprises two types of data:

  • Relational data: names of objects that exist in GENI (slice authorities, aggregates, resources, slices, slivers, etc) and how those objects are related.
  • Measurement data: real-time statistic of numerical measurements which have been taken on those objects.

Here are some pages with more information about this data:

How to access monitoring data

Several mechanisms exist for looking at monitoring data: