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     3''This page is a DRAFT.''
     5= Operational monitoring in GENI =
     7Operational monitoring data for GENI aggregates, slice authorities, and resources is collected by the [wiki:GENIMetaOps GENI Meta-Operations Center] and made available for use by GENI operators and experimenters.
     9== How to install monitoring software ==
     11 * [wiki:TangoGeniMonitoring/GmocConfiguration]: tango-monitor-gmoc, the base package for submitting monitoring data using python.  All other monitoring software packages require this, and you can install it to submit your own custom monitoring data, or to use its functionality to download GMOC data, as well.
     12 * [wiki:TangoGeniMonitoring/FoamConfiguration]: tango-monitor-foam, the monitoring software for [wiki:FOAM] aggregates.
     14== Information about what is monitored ==
     16In general, monitoring comprises two types of data:
     17 * Relational data: names of objects that exist in GENI (slice authorities, aggregates, resources, slices, slivers, etc) and how those objects are related.
     18 * Measurement data: real-time static of numerical measurements which have been taken on those objects.
     20Here are some pages with more information about this data:
     21 * [wiki:GENIMetaOps/DraftMonitoringMetrics] contains a draft list of monitoring metrics which are currently implemented by the python
     22 * [] is the XML schema for authenticated data submission over the network.
     23 * [wiki:GeniApiIdentifiers] contains information about the URNs used to uniquely identify various things in GENI.  Operational monitoring uses GENI-compliant URNs wherever possible.
     25== How to access monitoring data ==
     27Several mechanisms exist for looking at monitoring data:
     28 * At GMOC:
     29   * []: The GMOC web interface for viewing GENI relational data and some measurement data.  You will need to login to look at these pages, but should be able to sign in using any OpenID provider (e.g. google).
     30   * []: The GMOC SNAPP API for viewing raw measurement data.
     31 * At GPO:
     32   * []: An alternate display of relational and measurement data downloaded from gmoc-db.
     33   * []: Nagios display of GENI operational status information, primarily obtained by downloading and analysing data from gmoc-db.