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Tango GENI is an ongoing effort to develop and test GENI procedures and resources. Tango GENI is an excellent way for a site to gain experience with operating a production-like resource, before officially signing off on a production level of support. Tango GENI is also open to experimenters that want to gain early access to a Layer 2 infrastructure that combines multiple aggregates. At this point the main aggregate types that are part of Tango GENI are:

  • OpenFlow aggregates
  • Private PlanetLab aggregates (myPLC)
  • ProtoGeni aggregates

Tango GENI spans multiple sites that are connected over Layer 2. All the sites are connected through the NLR and I2 OpenFlow backbones. Non-OpenFlow point-to-point or multipoint connections are also possible, feel free to email if this better fits your needs.


Each of NLR and I2 has 5 OpenFlow switches in various locations in the US. Each site is eventually connected to at least one of these OpenFlow switches. The Layer 2 connectivity, is provided through VLANs. Currently there are two VLANs (3715 and 3716) provisioned both in NLR and I2, each providing a different topology. Below there are two maps that show a general view of the resources and their approximate geographic locations for each VLAN for more details please refer to each aggregate page. You can find more details about the network core here, while a typical campus setup is described here.

VLAN 3715 (link to map)

VLAN 3716(link to map)

Participating Aggregates

The following resources are currently part of Tango GENI; the link in the Resource column points to the resource's aggregate info page. All hosts listed here have at least one interface connected to an OpenFlow switch. The number of resources are accurate as of July 2011, for more accurate information refere to the aggregate's page.

Type Resource Notes
myPLCGPO Lab MyPLC testbed? MyPLC aggregate with 5 hosts
Stanford MyPLC testbed? MyPLC aggregate with 4 hosts
Clemson MyPLC testbed? MyPLC aggregate with 2 hosts
Gatech MyPLC testbed? MyPLC aggregate with 2 hosts
Indiana MyPLC testbed? MyPLC aggregate with 4 hosts
Wisconsin MyPLC testbed? MyPLC aggregate with 2 hosts
Washington MyPLC testbed? MyPLC aggregate with 2 hosts
Rutgers MyPLC testbed? MyPLC aggregate with 2 hosts
ProtoGENI GPO Lab ProtoGENI testbed? Separate cluster with 11 hosts
Utah's WAPG hosts There are 2 Wide Area ProtoGENI hosts at Clemson, Stanford, Rutgers and 1 at GeorgiaTech 1
OpenFlow NLR OpenFlow network core? 5 backbone switches
Internet2 OpenFlow network core 5 backbone switches
Clemson University OpenFlow testbed 1 participating switch
Georgia Tech OpenFlow testbed 1 participating switch
GPO Lab OpenFlow testbed 2 participating switches
Indiana University OpenFlow testbed?1 participating switch
Rutgers University OpenFlow testbed?1 participating switch
Stanford OpenFlow testbed 4 participating switches
University Of Washington OpenFlow testbed? 1 participating switch
University Of Wisconsin Madison OpenFlow testbed 1 participating switch

1 Utah has deployed some Wide Area ProtoGENI hosts in various of the participating sites. Although these hosts are physically located in different sites, they are controlled by Utah's Aggregate Manager.

Joining Tango GENI

The only requirements for participation in Tango GENI are a willingness to do so. If your site would like to be part of Tango GENI, please send mail to, with more information about the resources you'd like us to add to this page.

Using Tango GENI

Tango GENI, is open to experimenters that would like to use it. Although, we are working towards making Tango GENI a stable environment, keep in mind that is still in its early stages and some outages are expected. Currently in order to use Tango GENI, you would need an account at GPO's ProtoGENI cluster, look here for instructions. After you have an account, check the Hello GENI example for instructions on how to get resources.

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