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Tango GENI is an ongoing effort to develop and test GENI procedures and resources. A site might join Tango GENI in order to help develop procedural concepts like emergency stop, or to offer resources to experimenters as a step towards becoming officially production. Tango GENI is an excellent way for a site to gain experience with operating a production-like resource, before officially signing off on a production level of support. Production GENI resources can also be part of Tango GENI, although they're not required to be.


The following resources are currently part of Tango GENI; the link in the Resource column points to the resource's aggregate info page (many of which are still forthcoming).


Resource Associated GENI Project
GPO Lab MyPLC testbed?
Stanford MyPLC testbed?


Resource Associated GENI Project
GPO Lab ProtoGENI testbed?


Resource Associated GENI Project
NLR OpenFlow network core? OFNLR
Internet2 OpenFlow network core OFI2
Clemson University OpenFlow testbed OFCLEM
Georgia Tech OpenFlow testbed OFGT
GPO Lab OpenFlow testbed OFBBN
Indiana University OpenFlow testbed? OFIU
Kansas State University OpenFlow testbed
Rutgers University OpenFlow testbed? OFRG
Stanford OpenFlow testbed OFSTAN
University Of Washington OpenFlow testbed? OFUWA
University Of Wisconsin Madison OpenFlow testbed OFUWI

Joining Tango GENI

The only requirements for participation in Tango GENI are a willingness to do so. If you'd like to join Tango GENI, please send mail to, with more information about the resources you'd like us to add to this page.

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