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    2222 * Other GENI Interface deisgn
    2323   * Published and discussed a draft on the Future of the Slice manager interface.
    24      * Discussed with key members of the design group and released to the Control Framework list
     24   * Discussions continuing on the CF lists
    2525 * Japan Collaboration
    2626     * Mike Ryan spent several weeks in Japan educating users on the TIED model and learning about their testbed models
     31== Description of the Work Performed During the Quarter ==
     33TIED's focus on the creation of federated experiments across multiple testbed architectures has allowed us to focus on key areas for GENI interoperability: a federable authorization framework (ABAC) and the overall architecture of the GENIAPI from the perspective of a system that combines resources across multiple control frameworks.  We have implemented such a simple federable framework in the [http://abac.deterlab/net ABAC system], and  much of the work this quarter has been in demonstrating that our implementation is ready for use and can be integrated with the existing GENI frameworks.  We made significant forward progress on both these fronts.
     35Similarly, our perspective as a consumer of GENI resources from multiple control frameworks has led us to be somewhat critical of the existing architecture for resource allocation.  We have expressed these views in [ earlier] [ documents]. This quarter we provided constructive ways forward that address our concerns, and continue to argue for their uptake.
     37Our work with the Japanese continues as well with an informational and personnel exchnage, aimed at both producing prototype code and sharing perspectives.  Though interrupted by recent events in Japan, the collaboration continues to move forward.
     39We summarize those accomplishments below.
     41== ABAC/GENI Integration ==
     43We have been extolling the benefits of the ABAC authorization system and our implementation of it for some time, and this quarter we took steps to prove that a large scale integration with GENI is technically and practically feasible.  This has taken the form of demonstrations, documentation and trial integrations that have led to a commitment to integrating ABAC into a GENI control framework (ProtoGENI) over the next year.
     45One of the important trial integrations was with the GENIAPI AM code, the purpose of which was showing that exising implementations of both the AM and ABAC were mature enough to work together.  Though most of the coding was undertaken last quarter, the code (and more importantly the documentation) was made available early this quarter.  This proceeded as expected, showing that the code functions and interoperates correctly, and in the process important contacts and informational exchanges were accomplished between TIED staff and GPO staff.