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Extending TIED to ProtoGENI: Demonstrating the TIED plug-in architecture


One of the key contributions of the TIED project is the ability to interconnect testbeds of different underlying architecture and programmatic interface to make unified experimental environments. This is accomplished through a very high-level experiment description architecture that is customizable at each participating testbed. The well defined interfaces provide a narrow waist at the points where testbeds interconnect.

The customization at the testbed interface is referred to as a TIED plug-in (or access controller). Plug-ins currently exist for testbeds that export an Emulab interface and for DRAGON/OSCARS provisioned interconnection networks. We are currently developing a plug-in for the GENI Slice-Based Facility Architecture (SFA) as realized on ProtoGENI.

TIED is part of the overall DETER Control Architecture, which is summarized in the picture below:

The plug-in interconnects the federator, which is responsible for coordinating the experiment creation with the testbeds that supply the resources. The federator, is supported by suites of user tools for experiment planning and authorization and authentication.

Current Work

This work seeks to demonstrate the power of this architecture by linking TIED with testbeds supporting the GENI SFA, thereby making resources managed using that interface accessible by other testbed architectures.

This work is in the early going, but we have a detailed design document available, and plan to demonstrate a prototype at GEC7.

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