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     1= GIR 2.1 Information for Fedd 3.00 =
     3Most of the information about fedd is available from its [ website].  The breakdown below, taken from Section 2.1 of the [wiki:GIR2.1Guidelines GIR 2.1 Guidelines] mostly points users to the various subsections of that site where the relevent information is located.
     5 '''Scope'''::
     6   [ fedd] allows users to create experiments spanning multiple independently administered resource pools with different access control representations and allocation interfaces, including [ ProtoGENI v1].
     8 '''Dependencies'''::
     9   The full dependencies are enumerated in the [ instructions for downloading and installing fedd].  Any recent unix environment (we recommend [ FreeBSD]) that runs [ python] version 2.4 or later will work.  The following python packages are also required:
     10   * ZSI version 2.0 or greater
     11   * m2crypto version 0.18 or greater (2.0 or greater preferred)
     12   * pyasn1 version 0.0.9 or greater (if m2crypto is 0.18)
     14   The instructions mention a mySQL installation, but this is only necessary for [ Emulab] plug-ins.  In particular, all GENI and ProtoGENI functionality is available without it.
     16 '''Access'''::
     17   The [ fedd download page] includes links to the current software and the subversion trees for [ fedd] and its [ web-services interfaces] are readable by all.  Current version is 3.00 and the WSDL is included in the tarfiles.
     19 '''Prerequisites'''::
     20   For fedd, these are identical to '''Dependencies''' above.
     22 '''Software Location'''::
     23   See '''Access'''.
     25 '''Build Instructions'''::
     26   Fedd is largely interpreted, but when creating the system from the [ fedd] svn repository, one does have to {{{make all}}} to generate web services code.  Similarly one can {{{make dist}}} to make a distribution tarfile.  That operation is described in the [ download and installation document]
     28 '''Installation Instructions'''::
     29   Detailed instructions are at [ the fedd website installation section].
     31 '''Upgrade Instrcutions'''::
     32   Install a more recent version using the instructions above.  No provision exists for dynamic updates using the software itself, though new plug-ins can be added at any time, as documented in the [ plug-in specification].
     34 '''Configuration Instructions'''::
     35   Detailed instructions are at [ the fedd website configuration section].
     37 '''Runtime Instructions'''::
     38   Detailed instructions are at [ the fedd website operation section].
     40 '''Terminology'''::
     41   Fedd uses a fairly rich model and vocabulary.  The website includes [ a section] devoted to getting users acquainted with both.
     43 '''Versioning'''::
     44   This described fedd version 3.00, wsdl version 3.00.  These versions are available from svn for [ fedd 3.0] and [ wsdl 3.0]