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The TIED Clearinghouse

The TIED clearinghouse presents two primary services to users:

  • Experimenter Registration
  • Slice Management
  • Aggregate Management
  • Experimental tools

This page outlines those services and how an experimenter can make use of them. Most of these services are provided to one extent or another by DETER's fedd software. We describe the mapping to fedd as well.

User Registration

TIED currently makes access control decisions based on both the identity of a user and on the attributes that TIED knows about the user. The user's identity is encoded in a fedid, the TIED version of a GENI ID. A fedid can be created by any user using standard SSL commands, but the advantage of using the TIED experimenter registry is that it binds additional information to that identity. Specifically, this creates a three-level name for the experimenter. This allows the TIED federation daemon to negotiate different levels of access with the aggregates with which the TIED clearinghouse federates.

Slice Management

For TIED, slice management is the creation and manipulation of experiments that span multiple facilities. One can think of the facilities as aggregates, each of whaich controls access to a set of resources. Currently TIED supports creation of slices across testbeds with an Emulab interface and that run instances of fedd that act as aggregate managers.

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