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    7474== Experiment Tools ==
     76The [ SEER experiment control tool] is a useful way to manipulate a TIED experiment to both carry out the experiment and to examine real time data from the experiment.  Other Emulab-style measurement gathering and event systems function as well, but SEER is a convenient, extensible system.
     78Once an slice is created that includes the SEER code - the [ SEER HOWTO] explains the commands one must include in the experiment configuration language one must make to include the SEER base system - the SEER front end can be used.  One can start the front end using the [ webstart link] on the SEER page.  Alternatively one can download the source from there and compile and run SEER locally, though we don't recommend it.
     80As a quick tour of SEER's capabilities, we show a 3-node slice, split across two aggregates, controlled by SEER.  This is the TIED/one experiment listed on [ the slice listing page].  The control node is a node dedicated to letting SEER see the whole slice, even though parts of it are remotely allocated.  In TIED, control nodes are best allocated inside the DETER testbed.