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    108108There are two classes of princpals that will be requesting access to GENI resources for this contest.  There will be a comparatively small number of officials that will need allocation and configuration rights to the slice in order to set up and administer the game.  There will also be the thousands or more contestants who will need access to the slice, but not configuration rights.  Because of the large number of contestants, the ACM does not want to be directly in charge of vetting each one.  Individual universities (and perhaps other sites) will be able to decide on the criteria to admit players from their institutions independently.  Should anything go amiss - or any kind of cheating be detected - officials will want to know where the contestent came from and how they were admitted.
     110ACM is deliberately vague about qualifications for participation.  Some universities may choose to make the contest open to any student at the university, or to any student in the local chapter of the CAM.  Others may restrict participation to students enrolled in a prerequisite class.  ACM delegates this decision by designating authorizers at each university.
    110112=== ABAC Encoding (simple delegation) ===
     130=== ABAC Encoding (linked roles) ===
     132Because there are many more contestants than officials and the qualifying requirements are locally decided, the access rights to the contest slice are administered more loosely.  This time GENI delegates access to the principals that ACM's CTFreps designate as contestants.
     136ACM now selects principals at each participating university that can authorize contestants (CTFreps).
     140The USC principal selects students individually:
     144The MIT principal opens the contest to all MIT students:
     148And the UCLA principal further delegates the authority to its local ACM officers:
     152Those officers then select individual students: