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    7979    In addition we have completed a [attachment:TIED_PlanetLab_GENIAPI.pdf report] on the directions for improving the [wiki:GeniApi GENIAPI] to make it easier to support [ PlanetLab] plug-ins under TIED using the GENIAPI.  The report also includes a revised discussion of the role of the control framework and the aggregate managers as we see them, based partially on feedback from the e-mail exchange and discussions the [ earlier report] touched off.
     81 GENIAPI AM/ABAC integration::
     82     We have integrated [ libabac] v 0.1.2 with the current [ GENIAPI AM v1.2 reference implementation] (actually the tarball works with the git version as of 6 Jan 2011).  The resulting system makes all authorization decisions based on TIED self-validating identities and ABAC credentials.  It passes the tests shipped with the GCF reference implementation.  The only direct modification to the GENIAPI AM code was a few lines to request a 'list' credential in {{{ListResources}}}. The difficulty that led to this change is described in the design document and the change is backward compatible.
     84    We have a tarfile of our code (relative to the {{{gcf}}} directory in the GCF release) available and a document describing the design and lessons from the work.  Instructions on initializing the ABAC policies and running the code are in the tarfile in the {{{ABAC_README}}} file.
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