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Substrate Risk Page

The GPO maintains a formal risk register for engineering of GENI. The GPO looks to the working groups to identify risks to help build this register, as well as to indicate when risks have been mitigated.

Current GPO high priority risk areas

As indicated in Building GENI: Its Time to Start the GPO is focusing on reducing the following risks via prototyping and risk reduction activities:

  • Architecture & requirements development Create/improve designs for areas including instrumentation, security (identity, authentication, and authorization mappings to existing technologies), resource description and discovery, federation, and user opt-in. Analyses and some prototyping in these areas will be useful.
  • Slicing as a basic construct employed end-to-end across a range of technologies. Here near-term, working demonstrations of the relevant GENI subsystems and trial integrations will be particularly useful, as will early demonstrations of instrumentation in a sliced environment.
  • Developing a practical approach for administrative and operational control that addresses the needs of cooperative infrastructure hosts (e.g., universities); federated, interconnected infrastructure (e.g., non-NSF GENI); subcontracted infrastructure (e.g., optical networks or co-location sites); and a GENI Network Operations Center.

Propsective Risk List

Under construction. We will support community input to the risk list in this section.