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    11= GENI Spiral 2 Annual Review Information =
     3== Invitation ==
     5Dear Project PIs:
     7We are coming to a close of Spiral 2 and it is time for the GPO to take stock of the performance of each of the engineering and development projects.  Given the size of the development community it is not feasible to ask each of you to travel to Cambridge to meet with us, as we did last year.  Nor can we fit in the large number of meetings during a GEC.  This year we are going to use a series of WebEx teleconferences to walk through a short set of project status slides.  Projects are going to be grouped by their primary contribution (e.g., aggregate, control framework, tool, meso-scale deployment).  In some cases we are splitting one topical group in two to keep the group size manageable.  Large projects will have 20 minutes and small projects will have 10 minutes to discuss their progress against their Spiral 2 milestones and other accomplishments, issues, and plans.  Unlike last year, we are going to defer lengthy discussion of Spiral 3 to slightly later although we would like to hear your thoughts to seed that follow-on discussion.
     9As usual, scheduling this many teleconferences will be very challenging and I ask you all for your forbearance regarding the inevitable inconvenience this will cause.  To ensure no funding gap for year 3 we would like to have the calls between August 25 and September 2nd.  If you cannot attend the assigned time of your call please delegate a substitute who can discuss your progress to attend on your behalf.  In exceptional cases, we may reschedule reviews for later.
     11I'm attaching at PowerPoint template for each project.  Please complete each slide as instructed on the template and do not add additional slides.  Again, the goal of this discussion is to assess your project's progress against the statement of work agreed to at the beginning of the year.   While there are many interesting technical topics we could dig into, I ask that you keep the focus on this goal.  If you have more than one project, please complete separate slide packages for each.
     13The GPO will use this meeting as input to our process of evaluating the value provided to GENI by each project.  Chip and I will consult with the project system engineers and to get to a decision on which projects will have their options renewed and be extended into GENI Spiral 3.
     15This information will be posted at  This wiki page will have the most up-to-date scheduling, format, and other information.   As mentioned above, we will be using WebEx for the project review sessions.  If you've never used WebEx I suggest that you try it out before the meeting and confirm that your computer is compatible.  (If you need assistance, contact me.)  We will use the GENI teleconference number for voice.  In addition, please post your PowerPoint slides to the wiki page.
     18== Scheduling ==
     20The sessions times are as below:
     22|| group        ||  duration    ||  telecon time||
     23|| AG-node      || 2 hrs        || Aug 25 11AM EDT||
     24|| OF   || 4 hrs        || Aug 25 2PM EDT||
     25|| AG-TB-2      || 2.5 hrs      || Aug 26 11AM EDT||
     26|| CF   || 2 hrs        || Aug 26 3PM EDT||
     27|| EXP  || 2 hrs        || Aug 27 11AM EDT||
     28|| I&M-1        || 2.5 hrs      || Aug 27 2PM EDT||
     29|| I&M-2        || 2.5 hrs      || Aug 30 11AM EDT||
     30|| AG-TB-1      || 3.5 hrs      || Aug 30 2PM EDT||
     31|| OPS&SEC      || 2.5 hrs      || Aug 31 11AM EDT||
     32|| Tool         || 1.5 hrs      || Aug 31 2PM EDT||
     33|| WM   || 3 hrs        || Sept 1 11AM EDT||
     35Projects are mapped to groups in this spreadsheet:.