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Spiral 1 includes the following projects, organized by their initial control framework groups:

DETER Control Framework (Cluster A)


PlanetLab Control Framework (Cluster B)

PlanetLab EnterpriseGeni GushProto ProvisioningService Mid-Atlantic Crossroads GpENI OverlayHostingNodes

ProtoGENI Control Framework (Cluster C)

ProtoGENI DTunnels CMULab InstrumentationTools MeasurementSystem ProgrammableEdgeNode

ORCA Contol Framework (Cluster D)

ORCA/BEN DOME ViSE KanseiSensorNet

ORBIT Control Framework (Cluster E)


Unspecified Control Framework (will choose at least one during development)

DigitalObjectRegistry MillionNodeGENI RegionalOptIn Embedded Real-Time Measurements

Work With All Control Frameworks

GENIMetaOps GENISecurity GeniFourYearColleges Data Plane Measurements

No Control Framework Needed for Spiral 1


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