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Spiral 1 includes the following projects, organized by their initial control framework groups:

DETER Control Framework (Cluster A)


PlanetLab Control Framework (Cluster B)

PlanetLab EnterpriseGeni GushProto ProvisioningService MidAtlanticNet GpENI OverlayHostingNodes

ProtoGENI Control Framework (Cluster C)

ProtoGENI DTunnels CMULab InstrumentationTools MeasurementSystem

ORCA Contol Framework (Cluster D)

ORCA/BEN DOME ViSE KanseiSensorNet

ORBIT Control Framework (Cluster E)


Unspecified Control Framework (will choose at least one during development)

DigitalObjectRegistry ProgrammableEdgeNode MillionNodeGENI RegionalOptIn

Work With All Control Frameworks

GENIMetaOps GENISecurity OpiticalMetrics OpticalAccessNets

No Control Framework Needed for Spiral 1

GeniFourYearColleges OpticalLayerMeasurement

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