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GENI Projects

Spiral 3 includes the following projects, organized by their initial control framework groups.

Prototyping project staff are expected to keep the GPO appraised of progress against project milestones. This page has hints on the mechanics of how tickets and milestones work. If you have questions, consult your GPO system engineer.

GENI Meso-Scale Deployments

Campus OpenFlow Deployments

Deployment Notes GENI Connectivity
Deployments Clemson University | Rutgers University | Colorado University | Georgia Tech | Indiana University | University of Wisconsin, Madison | University of Washington | Stanford University | Kansas State University | BBN Technologies

Backbone Deployments

Deployments NLR OpenFlow deployment | Internet2 OpenFlow deployment | ProtoGENI backbone nodes | SPP Nodes

Deployments in Regional Networks

Deployments QUILT

WiMax Deployments

Deployment Notes WiMax Deployment Plans | WiMax Platforms
WiMax Kits WiMax Base Station Kits
Deployments Columbia University | Polytechnic University of NY | U. Massachusetts, Amherst | U. of Wisconsin | U. of California, Los Angeles | U. of Colorado, Boulder | BBN Technologies

GENI Rack Deployments

Deployment Notes GENI Rack Requirements | InstaGENI | ExoGENI
Deployments A page for each deployment as they happen

GENI Operations

Operations GENI Meta Ops | Tango GENI | GENI Comprehensive Security Program

GENI Experimenter Support and Experimenter Education

Experimenter Tools & Services Gush | ProtoGENI Tools | NetKarma | Scaffold
Experimenter Help IU Help Desk | Utah Project
GENI-based courseware S3Monitor | GENICloud| OSU Sensor Kits | APRA-GENI | Utah Project| UNC Project

GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Projects

Meso Scale I&M GEMINI | GIMI | ShadowNet
I&M tools InstTools | S3Monitor | MeasurementSys | VMI-FED | OnTimeMeasure | LEARN | IMF | Digital Object Repository | NetKarma

GENI Security Projects

GENI Security | Comprehensive GENI Security Program | Experiments for Security Analysis | Secure Updates | ABAC | Hive Mind

GENI Control Infrastructure Software Development

Control Framework Projects PlanetLab Federation | ProtoGENI Integration | ORCA Augmentation
Mechanisms ABAC | Stitching (Sol 3 Max)

GENI Aggregates

Network Aggregates GpENI | BGPMux | CRON | PrimoGENI | BEN | iGENI | LEARN | VMI-FED
Cloud Aggregates GENICloud | DiCloud

Other Misc

Studies Attribution for GENI
Early experiments Davis Social Links

Projects With Collaborations, Connectivity, or Resources outside of the US

PLFed | PrimoGENI | GpENI | iGENI

Past Spirals

Spiral 3