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Add solicitaiton 4 reviewer instructions

GENI Solicitation 4: Proposal Site Instructions for Reviewers

Please email for any issues with the proposal review tools.

If you are assigned to review GENI proposals, you will get an email that tells you the username and password to use for your review, as well as the review site URL. Log in with the given password and username (the “Email:” entry in your welcome email). Some reviewers may already have active accounts, while others will be using the site for the first time. If it is your first visit to the site, the first screen you see will ask for contact information. You should also change the password from the one in the welcome message (but do not use a valuable password). Hit “Save Changes” when you are done entering contact information.

This action will bring you to the home page for your account, which is the same page you go to automatically after all subsequent logins. You can click on the “My Profile” link on your home page to change any of your profile information or your password again at any time.

Whenever you want to return to the home page, click on the “GENI SOLICITATION 4″ link in the upper left hand corner of any page.

To see which proposals you are assigned to review, either click on the “+” button, which will display your reviews on the home page, or on the “My reviews” link, which will display your reviews on the “Search” page. In either case, you can download any proposal’s full text by clicking on the “.pdf page” icon located just to the right of the proposal title.

If you want to download all the proposals you are reviewing at once, use the “My reviews” link on the home page to go to your full list on the “Search” page. At the bottom of the list, there is an arrow pointing to checkboxes, and a link that says “select all n” where n is the number of proposals you have to review. Click on this link, and then click on the “Go” button at the end of the line, and you will be able to save a .zip file of all your assigned proposals on your local machine. (You will get proposals, even though the scroll box says “Papers.”) You can also download review forms in a similar way, by picking “Review forms” from the scroll box instead of “Papers” before you click “Go.”

If you discover that you have any conflict of interest in evaluating a proposal while you are reading, please inform the GPO that you cannot continue with the review. You can do this by sending email to, or by filling out just the conflict of interest question on the review form and submitting the form.

There are two ways to review proposals: offline, using ASCII text, and online using your browser. Choose whichever is easiest for you, but make sure to complete the review and either upload it (ASCII) or check the “ready for others to see” box (browser) before the review deadline, to tell the GPO panel lead that your review is ready. You can access your reviews on the proposal site several different ways; these instructions provide details for two.

You can download individual offline review forms for particular proposals, or download all your review forms by using the “Offline Reviewing” link on the home page. Use the guidance on the “Offline Reviewing” page to see what options are allowed for each question. Use only ASCII characters for your answers to ensure that the review site saves your form successfully. (If you upload something else, such as a Word document, the upload completes, but the site does not store anything.) Use this same “Offline Reviewing” page to upload your completed (or partially completed) form.

To do an online review, click on “My reviews” from your home page, which shows all your assigned proposals on the “Search” page. Click on the name or number link for the proposal you want to review. This will show you a review form with a text box or scroll box for each question. (With some browser settings, the question text may appear smaller than the rest of the page text. Use your browser controls to increase the text size on your display and make the questions easier to read.) Note that each scroll box defaults to “Unknown,” but you make your selection by clicking on the arrow to the right of the scroll box and highlighting the option you want with your mouse. Click the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the form whenever you want to save one or more answers. You can save partially completed forms and come back to them later. You can also download partially completed forms with the “Download froms” button, finish them offline, and then upload the results. (Note you cannot download an empty form from this Online Review page.)

When your online review is complete, save it, and mark the checkbox that says “The review is ready for others to see.” For offline reviews, enter the word “Ready” in the Review Readiness section of the text when your review is complete, and upload the review file as described earlier for offline reviews.

Your home page will always show the current status of your reviews. When you complete a review, the total number of submitted reviews displayed on your home page will increase by one.

Once you have completed all your reviews, you are ready to participate in the review panel teleconference, which will be scheduled by the GPO lead for your panel. The GPO lead will provide further information for the panel teleconference before the scheduled time.

After you finish the panel teleconference, please delete all proposal text you downloaded to your computer. This is required to help safeguard any confidential proposal material.

Thank you for your participation in GENI Solicitation 4. We value your contribution to this important effort.